A Quiet Space For Grief

I am Louise

I am a writer and a mother of two boys. Fred, my eldest son, died from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in May 2020, aged 14.

This site is designed to be a place to provide comfort, support and a window into childhood illness, bereavement and grief in all its forms.

The world can make us feel that grief is something to be hidden away, and endured behind closed doors. It’s only by sharing our stories that all of us can find a better way to look after ourselves and each other.

We write
Because you might listen.

We write because
We are lost
& lonely,
& you, like us,
Are looking
& learning.

– Amanda Gorman

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bare feet

My Poor Feet

MY POOR FEET This was written as part of the Winter Writing Sanctuary . The course consists of a ‘Daily Spark’ in which Beth reads some poetry aloud, and then a writing prompt. This day’s prompt was to stand in the garden in bare feet. The Daily Spark – new plan. I’m listening to the … Read more
fred at cragside

Anything but cancer – would you know what to look for in your child?

As a mother, I maintained a high level of alert for my children, ever watchful for signs of impending disaster.  With Fred there was an extra level of peril because, like a velociraptor, he was always testing the fences looking for weak points.  Like that time he got up early and made a den by … Read more
Oven gloves advice for the bereaved

Oven Gloves – Advice for the newly bereaved and those who love them

It has been one year and two months since Fred died, and it is my second #NationalBereavedParentsDay.  That seems an extraordinary thing to write,  but there it is.  In that time, I have relied on the strength and grace of those that were bereaved before me, and have seen others follow.  I have also seen … Read more
Fred in the north sea

Looking for a better way to get up out of bed: The Great North Run

I’m running the Great North Run. It’s 13 bloody miles! That is considerably further than I’ve ever run before and considerably further than I can run at the moment. The past few years have not been kind to my body. Actually the months of sitting in hospitals weren’t too bad – I got my steps … Read more
Louise and Fred

Huffpost People

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feet heart socks

The little things that help

When crisis hits, people want to be helpful but don’t know what to do. It’s often best to ask someone who does.
Snow Day

Snow Day

And so now, what of the snow? We awake to see the ground covered and the flakes still falling. It’s crisp layer only seems to amplify the silence in the house, a soft blanket of sadness.
Fred christmas ornament

It’s coming on Christmas

Christmas is so often about the gaps, the ones we try and mask with tinsel and hope that the dim light of the tree means we can’t see too clearly what is missing: the people we have lost, the life that we ordered.

A Christmas Carol

I’ve known so many Christmas Carols, from The Muppets to Owen Meany. “Which ghost are you?