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My name is Louise Dillon Bennett and I’m a mother to Fred and his younger brother Arthur.

Writing has been my passion for many years, but over the last few years it been vital in finding out how to find a way forward.

I’ve written articles on grief for the Huffington Post and the New Statesman, and appeared as contributor on BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, ITV News, Sky News and Global radio.

By day, I run Armadillo Social, a marketing and training agency.

To get in touch, fill in the form below or email louise@dontlookdown.org.uk.

Why Blankets and Biscuits

Fred’s diagnosis in July 2019 changed our lives overnight. Our happy, slightly chaotic and rowdy family had to adapt to life with a poorly child. The following nine months would see more determination, hope and heartbreak than we knew was possible.

With his death, our family was forever broken, and now we try to put ourselves back together again.

Throughout this time, we have found solace and strength from people who are learning to live with grief and sadness, as well as those who want to understand and listen as much as they can, so that they can be the pillars we lean upon.

Life has become gentler, quieter as we seek out ways to soothe our broken selves.

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